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Artist In Residence 

Tinofadwaza Chiome  

Tino Chiome, aka DJ Fadzwa, is a Zimbabwe born, queer trans refugee living on Turtle Island (Halifax, Canada). Tino completed a Bachelor's degree in Biological Engineering in 2013 and has been in K'jipuktuk (Halifax) since 2006 and calls Halifax their home away from home. Tino contributes a great deal to various communities in K'jipuktuk, from donating musical (DJ) and technical skills to important fundraising & awareness events, and working with kids through the YMCA. Through this residency Tino will be explore grief, love and what it means to be black and other intersecting identities through poetry, and through workshops will generate dialogues between local communities including the African Nova Scotian community, Indigenous peoples and immigrant communities. 

A-I-R's Project 

Eyelevel is thrilled to welcome Tino Chiome as the Printed Matter Artist-in Residence! Tino will be working at Eyelevel throughout the month of May in tandem with ERI8: Inner/Outer Space. Through this time Tino will work towards their first chapbook of poetry and will facilitate workshops and dialogues within various local communities. 

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