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Beck Gilmer-Osborne,

Beck Gilmer-Osborne,



PREREQUISITES is a video document of a performance from 2016. The performance shares the artist’s frustration with transitioning within the medical industrial complex, having been granted access to hormones because they already exhibited “masculine” characteristics and behaviour.

B.G-Osborne is a transmedia artist from rural Ontario, currently working in Montreal. Their work focuses on tensions, absences, and power in relation to fluctuating bodies and gender identities; exploring and interrogating the potential of gender-variant embodiment to serve as both a tool for gender deconstruction and revision. They graduated from NSCAD University in 2014.

Osborne has exhibited work in several major Canadian cities and online platforms. Their ongoing bodies of work seek to address the complexities of transgender representation, mental illness, violence, and family secrets/lies/stories. As an emerging artist, they place great importance in showcasing their work in artist run centres throughout Canada.

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