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Devon Berquist

Devon Berquist



Spoons is a playful jab at the nervous uncertainty and shy excitement that comes along with budding new crushes, disguised as a simple question about kitchenware. It’s about snuggling, flirting, and saying hello without saying the word hello at all. It’s about your boring eating preferences. It’s about your cutlery drawing. It’s about subtext and undertones, both very important elements of communication to someone who is extremely shy.

Devon Berquist is a visual artist from Canada’s north, the Yukon Territory. She completed her BFA with a major in Photography (though she is a screen-printer as well) at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design (NSCAD U) in Halifax, NS, where she is currently located. The intersections of geography, identity, and long-distance communication are at the core of her artistic work and often bring her to remote and isolated areas of the country.

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