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Emma Allain

Emma Allain


1:1, 2016

Explores the concept of scale - ands its unfathomability - with a pocket microscope. Printed matter was designed at a 2pt type size, nearly unreadable without magnification, and reinterpreted through a lens which obscures most of its meaning. link.

Emma Allain is a a Halifax-based interdisciplinary artist who works primarily with writing, printed matter, installation, and sound. Originally from the suburbs of Toronto, in 2012 she earned a BDes from the joint program in graphic design at York University and Sheridan College (YSDN). She has since worked as an industry designer and freelance book designer. Emma has a passion for the physical form of books and bookbinding and is interested in explorations of memory, spatial awareness, and scale.

Emma is enrolled in NSCAD University's MFA program where she is working with themes of distance, separation, and loss. These themes are presently manifested in book work and sound explorations.

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