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Emma Paulson

Emma Paulson

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Untitled (clay works)

This series of clay works aim to encompass four qualities of living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Each item represents a different characteristic of daily life with this mental illness. Firstly, the skull represents a dissociative state of mind. Secondly, the sunflower represents the small beautiful things that are noticed between dissociative states and flashbacks. Thirdly, the crying head presents the flashback episodes. Lastly, the ashtray speak to the vices that are acquired due to prolonged stress. Each item is small as to possible be used as a handheld tactical grounding object.

Emma Paulson has lived in many cities across Canada, and currently resides in Halifax, NS. Her artistic practice developed at a young age, as her mother is a visual artist and photographer. She was taught to use any medium of art as a vehicle to convey her perspective on the world and the relationships that surround her. Paulson is interested in examining qualities of presence, existence and interpersonal relationships through humanizing and personifying issues related to gender, trauma and marginalized experiences. Paulson is looking to invite others to understand points of view they have not previously considered.

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