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Hannah Genosko

Hannah Genosko


Domestic Record

Domestic Record is a hand-printed book made from mixed media. It is about a record of the objects in my inner domestic space and uses hand-printing, an intimate and repetitive task to do so. This process creates a physical shadow of the items themselves and it has a precious precision to it, contrasting the everydayness of the objects. One can easily forget all the tiny little things one owns like forks, loose changes, candles, leftover art projects, to-do lists, bottles, plants, contraception, fabric scraps and extra paper.

Hannah Genosko was taken by the pickerel and raised as their own in the backwaters of Northern Ontario. She lives, makes art and continues to swim in Halifax, NS. She graduated from NSCAD with a BFA in 2015. Her art practice includes traditional and alternative forms of printmaking, bookmaking, drawing, performance and textiles.

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