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Jasmine Reimer

Jasmine Reimer


An Angel on Your Shoulder is a Devil in the Hand

This object explores the concept of two spiritual worlds, ‘Sky Cult’ and ‘Earth Cult’. ‘Sky Cult’ is related to systemic (masculine) power, ceaseless progress, colonialism and capitalism. It is always ‘looking up’. While ‘Earth Cult’ aligns itself with the feminine, cyclic (re)birth, fluid boundaries, multiplicity, un-fixity and base materials (dirt, bodily fluids…). It ‘looks down’.

Jasmine Reimer studied at Emily Carr University and the University of Guelph. Upcoming projects include a solo exhibition at Forest City Gallery in London, ON and residencies at the The Institut fur Alles Mogliche in Berlin and the ISCP in New York City. In February 2017, in conjunction with an exhibition of the same name, Reimer released her first book of poetry titled, Small Obstructions.

Past awards include The Canada Council for the Arts and Ontario Arts Council Project Grants, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Award (SSHRC) and the Canadian Millennium Achievement Award. She has exhibited international and is included in private collections across Canada.

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