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Jessy Watson

Jessy Watson


Untitled, 2018

A book in which a poem formed of collected print material accumulates on each new page. As the poem builds word by work on the left page, an image appears opposite each new addition. These images may be a thought, a texture, a movement- and idea in formation, leading and weaving a path through the text. These associative, in-process images are often scrappy, humours, and playful, offering up, but not insisting upon, additional, descriptive information to help wade you through the poem. Like a guiding glue helping pull the words together.

Jessy Watson is an interdisciplinary artist currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After graduating from NSCAD University in 2017 she now works within sculpture, installation, video, and printed matter exploring themes of growth, consciousness, communication and language as they relate to the body in a way that is heavily influenced by her upbringing in a small fishing village along the coast of Cape Breton Island.

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