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Jordan Beaulieu

Jordan Beaulieu


Cowboy Beach

The narrative depicted by Cowboy Beach is not so much a linear path as an associative cluster. It’s accumulation is intended to give the viewer an impression of a place, timeframe, mindset, and the way these are mediated through the perspective of the first-person narrator. The sensitively drawn comic explores how a person may be commanded by their environment, that is: the agency of place and its potential to powerful effect temperament and perspective. As place and perception are inseparable from one another, the viewer is not immersed in the fictional setting, but teetering between an internal and external experience of a space and time.

Jordan Beaulieu is an artist, a drawer, and a zinemaker. Using both autobiographical and imagined encounters, she creates narratives that engage with the relationship between material and make believe worlds. Her work has been published in INK BRICK: the Journal of Comics, Poetry, The Void Magazine, and Bad Nudes Magazine. She has self-published six books, comics and zines since 2015, most recently an anthology of comics and narrative drawing featuring the work of 19 student artists. She is from Prince Edward Island and now lives in Montreal, Quebec. She may be reached at: www.jordanbeaulieu.com

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