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Katelynne Cagliostro

Katelynne Cagliostro


//take care

We are all just like little plant sprouts. Each very different and constantly growing. The zine //take care, uses plant imagery and text discuss mental health, self-care, and personal growth. We should all learn to be gentler with ourselves, treating yourself like you would a household plant. The zine contains 24 images accompanied by self-care tips to help you take care of your overall health and well-being.

Be kind to yourself, you’re still growing.

Katelynne Cagliostro is an illustrator who is currently residing in Halifax, Nova Scotia but is originally from Hasting Ontario. She has recently received her BFA in Art and Art History through the University of Toronto and Sheridan College (2017), and also has an advanced diploma through Sheridan College in Visual and Creative Arts (2013).

Her work has been in collaborative shows such as Paintings, Pixels and Pints (2017), VERGE (2017), and Medium, Mediums, Media (2016). Her work was also recently on display at the Artspace Book + Zine Fest (2018).

Cagliostro’s work discusses topics such as female empowerment, and body positivity and self care; which she discusses by creating intricate relationships between images and text.

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