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Kyle Martell

Kyle Martell


Drawings V

Drawings V is a collection of drawing by Kyle Martell. This is the fifth instalment in an ongoing series, chronicling a years worth of drawings, curated and edited digitally. This is the first in the series to attempt at a sense of narrative. The drawings are interspersed with icons and sprites from video games Martell played as a child. These icons and sprites create a feeling of being on a click based journey through dungeons and fields. The irony of the situation is that there is no choice to be made, and no matter what the outcome of the journey is the same.

Kyle Martell is a multidisciplinary artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Martell’s work is dry and sarcastic, using both comedic and artistic tropes. The work consists of zines, artist books, 3D models, as well as drawings done on paper and digitally. Making use of cellphone pictures, various drawing techniques, photo editing, and scanners, the work takes on an improvised and amateurish character. Muted greys, blues, and yellow, colours associated with labour and business.

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