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Laura Horrocks-Denis

Laura Horrocks-Denis


Beyond the Bars

Beyond the Bars is a hand-made conceptual artist book examining the confined space of a caged canary and his interior world. In the life of such a small creature, seemingly trivial things such as a single sunflower seed, a branch of broccoli or a yellow bathtub effervesce with greater meaning. Composed of forty pages of hand-drawn illustrations using mixed media, the narrative explores this little bird’s ability to see beyond the bars that limit his environment and to activate his tight space with joy and song.

Laura Horrocks-Denis is a visual artist from Montreal specializing in book arts with a BFA in Studio Arts and English Literature from Concordia University. Fuelled by a love of storytelling, Laura engages in pictorial narration in order to examine questions of identity and our relation to space. Through conceptual design, humour and lyrical imagery, Laura plays with text and colour to deconstruct the emotions and tensions that shape our human experience.

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