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Miranda Crabtree

Miranda Crabtree



As an offshoot of my main practice, I create drawings to be printed in Risograph. I love the variant texture produced by the ink in the printing process. The women in my printed work are melting into and entering the spiritual domain of landscape; plucking up offerings gleaned therein. A minimal roster of props signal to times of austerity, while standing as symbols of abundance. Figures roam and weave in and out of the space they inhabit, dragging remnants of a dubious past to furnish an uncertain future.

Miranda Crabtree is a painter and installation artist, based in Toronto, Canada. Crabtree received her BFA from NSCAD University in 2007. Her paper-based watercolour/gouache paintings and installations have shown at galleries in Toronto, including Gallery 1313, The Gladstone Hotel’s Nuit Blanche, and Black Cat Gallery. A series of Risograph prints were produced through an Artscape Gibraltar Point Residency, leading to large-scale drawings shown at Hamilton Artist Inc. Gallery in February 2017. Most recently Crabtree has spent January 2018 at the Listastofan Artist Residency in Reykjavik, Iceland, making new work.

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