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Spencer Julien

Spencer Julien


Untitled (life casting)

My practice is an exploration of the way in which archival processes affect the value held by source material. Through this work, a physical moment becomes a reproducible object, infusing intimacy with a manufacturing process. The process captured and exchange of energy, and the product emulates the human touch. This object leaves the question of whether it functions as an archival object as it communicates something which was lost in time upon its creation. This work creaties a new physical language existing between the abstract nature of touch and the precision of the life casting.

Spencer Julien is an artist and curator who uses research as a form of art making, and the archive to foster new visual languages. Personal experience is deconstructed through meticulous processes in their work, which asks universal questions regarding self, time, and value. Julien has shown internationally in Canada, the USA, and the United Kingdom, and is currently in their final year of study in Contemporary Art at Etobicoke School of the Arts.

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