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Terri Whetstone

Terri Whetstone

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Seeding the Universe

Seeding the Universe is a limited-edition set of original glitch-photo collector cards. The artist’s drawing of funnel was photographed and digitally manipulated to double and “glitch” the image. Reproduced as multiple and organized into nine sets, the quasi-figurative, cosmic pop art sets (named for constellations) embody:

The origin of life
The elliptical orbit
The pull of gravity
Celestial bodies
Dark energy
Cislunar space
Deep space
Interplanetary space
Interstellar space
The continuous expansion
The intergalactic void

Terri Whetstone was born in Edmonton, Alberta where she studied painting and art history. She graduated with a BFA from the University of Alberta (year). Her creative process is rooted in the conceptual approaches of erasure and of re-presenting altered and manipulated imagery. Terri uses any of several approaches to investigate her obsessions and ideas, working primarily with paint, collage or photographic processes. She draws inspiration from science, art history and popular culture. Her exhibition history in Nova Scotia includes many solo and group exhibitions. Terri’s studio is located in the south shore of Nova Scotia, where she has lived for 25 years.

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